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Our signature 3-bean blend is now available for purchase, in 1 or 5 pound bags, whole bean or ground!

good times, cali vibes


While we pride ourselves on making quality drinks quickly, we put even more value in creating and cultivating genuine relationships with our customers. That is what sets us apart and creates not only a unique customer experience – but also a community atmosphere that is inherently fun.
We are not fans of the snobby, pinky-in-the-air attitude that you'll often get at high-end coffee shops. We want you to feel welcome and excited to try new drinks. No matter what your drink choice is, we will serve it up to you with a high five and a smile. Our goal is to help you Seize the Day and Slay the Night!®


good times, cali vibes

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Cali Coffee was founded in 2018 by Craig Avera and Rose White. Craig spent most of his life in Oregon and California, and started working in the coffee industry when he was 16 years old. Rose is a Pennsylvania native, and the two met each other while working together in the fitness industry in Los Angeles, CA.

Among their many commonalities, the duo have a huge passion for people and cultivating genuine relationships with them. Through a serendipitous spiral of events, they moved from Hollywood, CA to Hollywood, FL in 2017 to build and start their flagship location. “Stands” will be primarily drive-thru-based, because especially in today’s hectic world, people have to get places and don’t usually have the time to park, get out, and stand in line. Cali Coffee will focus on high-quality premium drinks, served very quickly, with a smile and more.

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