November 7, 2020

2021 Expansion Plans and our "WHY"

If you're sad because you don't live within driving distance of our flagship location in Hollywood, you may be able to wipe away those tears real soon. Once we opened our doors in September, 2018, we quickly realized that CALI COFFEE created enough of a positive impact within its community that it would be a disservice to only have a single location. So, we are expanding rapidly within Broward County to give us the opportunity to serve more communities, and you the convenience of having a CALI in your backyard (well, closer than Hollywood, anyway).

While we are extremely excited to open more locations, we are making sure to grow at a pace we feel comfortable with. Our objective is to make sure that each location enhances and supports the other locations. If quality and/or experience are diminished, we have failed you, and given our obsession with our customers, that's the last thing we are trying to do. We have always said that it would be much better to have one amazing store than 5 watered down stores.

We planted our roots here in Broward County, and have no desire to leave the state, or even the county for now. Broward County is vast, and we believe each of its residents will gain happiness from being a CALI COFFEE customer. While we have plenty of opportunities to expand outside of Broward, we are politely declining to do so for the foreseeable future. We want to be able to physically get to any location within two hours or less, and since teleportation isn't a thing (yet), we are making a clear decision to stay within county lines.

And about franchising... not happening. Not for now, at least. While the franchise model can certainly expedite growth, we see many faults in expanding that way. We believe in growth from the inside out, and would much rather empower our loyal employees with management opportunities than grant someone a franchise just because they can financially.

With that said, we have FOUR new locations slated to open in 2021, and quite possibly more than that. Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, Coconut Creek, and Miramar will all have a CALI COFFEE up and running sometime within the year. All will have drive-thru and walk-up service windows with an outdoor patio area. We love the idea of a cool walk-in cafe, but are not ready to go down that road yet. Maybe someday that will change. Until then, we will continue to serve you in the way we best know how. Thank you for the continued, humbling support. We won't let you down.